frontRow Audio Interconnects

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frontRow Audio Interconnects

Audience set the bar high when we imagined a cable line superior to our award winning SX series. Building upon what we’ve learned through our years of research and refinement we are proud to announce the all new frontRow Flagship line of Audience cables; shattering what we thought was possible.

Each and every frontRow cable added to your system will reveal just what you have been missing. With the removal of layers of distortion and a dramatic lowering of the noise floor; frontRow will allow you to hear increased dynamics and more low-level information retrieval; with air, space and 3-dimensional holographic imaging unlike you have experienced before.

frontRow     Rise Above the Noise

"I apologize for all the options that are available to sort through in this listing - But Audience has taken the time to make this incredible cable available to you in any configuration you require for your individual hifi* system.  Should you have any questions before ordering, please do not hesitate to give me a call for more information.  Good Listening, Dr. John."  615.378.0777

sound reproduction over the full range of audible frequencies with very little or no perceivable distortion of the original signal.