The Misty Mood of Three Blind Mice 24K Gold CD Some scratches - plays perfect

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The Misty Mood Of TBM


tree blind mice —— "Three blind mice", a peculiar record label, plus the noise of the media (magazines, radio stations, etc.), this can be exchanged for a large stack of 24K gold album "Mist Feelings" by YLJ Records Finally, I made up my mind to ask someone to bring them back from Hong Kong. This was of course n years ago.

The cover of the record is a good photographic work: the Budapest Iron Bridge in the mist (much like the London Bridge at first glance, especially hinted by the "fog"), on the bench by the river, the silhouette of a couple ( It's a pity that the position is a bit on the wrong side, causing a slight imbalance in the composition.) The outline of the Buda Palace in Castle Hill in the distance is worthy of the poetic mood of Jazz master Jarnard's masterpiece "Mist Feelings".

There are nine famous JAZZ songs on the album. They are from nine JAZZ records of "Three Blind Rats", "I'M FOOL TO WANT YOU", "GEORGIA ON MY MIND", and "GREENSLEEVES". The sound quality is impeccable, but the Japanese-style English pronunciation is a bit unaccustomed, especially the song "GEORGIA ON MY MIND", which was awkward after listening to Michael Bolton's interpretation at the time.

Now thinking about it, as a strange hunter, such a record must definitely be heard quickly, but it is not likely to pursue it at any cost. After all, JAZZ music has many classic interpretations worth listening to.

I couldn't find the "Mary" version of "GEORGIA ON MY MIND" in the record, and found an audition of Ayako Hosakawa, who is also one of the female actresses of "Three Blind Rats".