Bottlehead Crack Headphone Amp

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Highly Modified - Spectacular Sound - See Photos for description

For Sale Used Fully-loaded CRACK with SPEEDBALL

In this amp you will get:

1 x Tung-Sol 5998 (-2,000 hours of use, expected life of 10,000 hours) $125 market value

1 x Ultra Rare Sien1ens 5814a (~700 hours of use, expected life of 10,000 hours) $135 market value

3 x Dayton Audio DMPC-90 90UF 250V Polypropelyne Capacitors (Output Supply Capacitor Upgrade) $80 value

3 x Russian Teflon Capacitor 4. 7uF 250V (Output Capacitor Bypass) $30 value

2 x Russian Teflon Capacitors .056uF 500V (Output Capacitor Bypass) $20 value

1 x Triad C-7X Choke Inducer Upgrade on Output Supply (Oblong resistor replaced) $15 value

1 x Blue Velvet ALPS 50KAX2 Potentiometer (stock potentiometer replaced) $20 value

1 x Cree Diode Upgrade $10 value

1 x Bottlehead Badge $8 value

1 x Power Cord

Vacuun1 Tubes and Custom Mods = $443 value

Bottlehead Crack + Speedball = $500 value

Total Value = $943

My Price = $725 (USA Only, Includes Shipping)

About the Amp

This fully upgraded Crack with Speedball Upgrade will give you improvements in many areas over the stock version.  The Tung-Sol 5998 and Siemens 5814a tubes provide an uncanny and natural to your music.  The Blue Velvet Alps Potentiometer and Choke Inducer provides an ultra-deep and quite background while enhancing the separation of instruments and vocals.  The upgraded capacitors give the amp significant improved to clarity and detail.  This fully enhanced amp will give you the best sound that can be found with the Crack and Speedball combination.  The improvement in realism and dynamics are jaw-dropping.