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Cayin has revamped the highly respected and renowned tube headphone amplifier HA-1A. The extraordinary part of this new amplifier is not only the facelifted wooden appearance, the EL84 based circuit design offers the most natural, realistic and powerful sound of its class and will definitely blow your mind when it sings. HA-1A MK2 will be one of the milestones of Cayin 22 years of expertise and devotion on tube amplification, by using the best possible material, upholding high standards of craftsmanship and dedicating to perfection, it shall reflect the kind of promises that Cayin has been strived for ever since.

Background of HA1AmkII

Cayin HA-1A MK2 High Fidelity Tube Headphone Amplifier

Cayin first rose to prominence in the audiophile community with their tube amplifier, so it is natural to expect Cayin to release a tube headphone amplifier sometime.

The HA1A launched back in 2005 actually served that purpose already. With its unique form factor and innovative circuit layout, it has been one of the long term best sellers in Cayin’s line up. The renewed HA1AmkII will further reinforce the lead. The Product Engineer, who designed the HA1A originally, decides to upgrade his original work after 10 years of hard learning. We certainly should expect a lot from the HA1AmkII because we were told that he puts Headphone output as his sole objective when he revives the classic. If you are looking for a warm and sweat sounding headphone amplifier, looks no further because your choice is at hand.

Design Highlight

  • Specially designed 5 steps output impedance selection offers precise matching to most headphones available on the market

  • Designed with commonly available vacuum tubes, allow tube rolling with compatible tubes from different brands and dates, users can fully appreciate the strength of tube amplification.

  • Dedicated implementation of single-ended amplification circuit offer simple, pure and devoted music presentation.

  • Extensive Power Management consideration with separated power supply to signal and voltage amplification, using power regulation tube further isolate the two stage power supply from each other, this can safety the components are operated at the best possible condition, and the audio performance will be significantly enhanced.

  • Equipped with Pre-out connection, making the amplifier can function as an audiophile grade tube preamp with paired with an active speaker or a power amplifier.

  • Two sets of Neutrik 6.35mm stereo headphone output work in parallel, Phone A set for Dynamic presentation, Phone B set for Soft presentation.

  • Design with an innovative circuit layout and highly effective shielding consideration, the components will function at premium environment to ensure high quality audio performance form the amplifier.

Key Features

  • Deploy Electro-Harmonix EL84EH (Russian) as power tube

  • Deploy ECC82 from JJ Electronics as Signal Tube

  • Deploy NOS 12DT5 as power regulation tube

  • Deploy premium grade Z11 EI-core as power transformer

  • Deploy wide-band premium grade Z11 EI-core output transformer, the unique layer winding technique offer high quality and versatile at the same time

  • Deploy premium grade ALPS-27 rotary potentiometer as volume control

  • Optimized air duct cooling system to disperse heat out of the amplifier effectively, ensure the amplifier can work stably for long hours.

  • Deploy 3 independent supporting audio performance.


  1. Audio Input (Compact D, AUX)

  2. Preamp output

  3. Fuse and Power input connector

Headphone Output

Power Rating

1400mW+1400mW (@32Ω), 850mW+850mW (@64Ω) 1200mW+1200mW (@150Ω), 2000mW+2000mW (@300Ω) 2200mW+2200mW (@600Ω)

Frequency Respond

20Hz~45kHz ±3dB



Input Sensitivity



100dB (A Weighted)

Output Impedance



Output Level

2V(MAX 4V)

Frequency Respond

10Hz~42kHz ±3dB

Input sensitivity



0. 5%


100dB (A Weighted)







126.5mmx304mmx215mm (LxDxH)

Tube Used

ECC82*2, EL84EH*2, 12DT5*1


9. 5KG

Power Consumption


Operation Condition

Temp : 0°C~40°C Humidity : 20%~80%

Storage Condition

Temp : -20°C~70°C Humidity : 20%~90%