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The HA-300 adopts the two stages single-end Class A amplification with balanced output design. The output of the 300B power tube will feed to a pair of output transformers for single-end or balanced output. Being one of the biggest tube amplifier manufacturers in the world, Cayin designs and builds our transformers, making sure even the finest detail will be attended to. In the case of HA-300, the output transformer was specially winded to provide three set of impedance matched outputs at 8-64Ω, 65-250Ω, and 251-600Ω respectively, making it extremely versatile to match with a wide range of headphones in the market.

Cayin also built an outboard power supply for HA-300. On top of the in-house design, custom-build toroidal power transformer, they developed a special circuit to supply steady power independently to different gain stages. The voltage amplifier circuit will adopt an independent regulator design, and shall deploy 4 pieces of NOS RCA 22DE4 as rectifier tubes. This power supply design will deliver the cleanest power possible with minimal interference to the line signal amplification in the main Amplifier chassis.

On top of a 6.35mm singled-ended and 4-pin XLR balanced headphone output, the HA-300 has a set of speaker outputs so it can be used as a speaker amplifier delivering up to 8wpc Class A output.

  • Best possible integration of balanced and singled-end signal processing: Input Transformer(for Bal input)-> Push-pull Single-end Amplification-> Output Transformer (for Bal output)
  • Two-boxes design with multi-stage tube regulated power supply
  • Carefully selected premium tubes
  • •Power Amplification: Full Music gold pins ceramic base 300B x2
  • •Voltage Amplification: Shuguang WE6SN7 replica of Western Electric x2
  • •Tube Rectification: NOS RCA 22DE4 rectifier tubes x4
  • In-house design and custom-build power, input and output transformers
  • Provide choice of headphone outputs for high, middle and low impedance; make sure all headphones will perform satisfactory.
  • Point-to-point Wielding to ensure shortest signal path and enhance the transparency and refinement of audio performance
  • High quality shield silver-plated internal cable to minimize interference during transmission
  • High-Precision 24 steps potentiometer to provide low noise, high-precision volume control.
  • US Aviation standard sockets and connectors for outboard power supply connection
  • Beautifully design and crafted VU meter
  • Support XLR balance and RCA singled-end inputs