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Bang Goes The Buck! AKG K7xx Massdrop 1st Edition Review 


I would like to thank the Head-Fi Massdrop staff and AKG for producing such a good pair of headphones. This pair has honestly been one of the best cures for upgrade-itis I have had in a long while and I think that it will be a nice ending to the long story of the AKG K7-series driver as I think AKG decided to do this because the driver is nearing the end of its life cycle. 

This review should of course be taken as a grain of salt as it is my opinion and only my opinion. I have past experience with quite a few cans and IEMs before. I personally own or have owned these cans and IEMs (to the best of my knowledge):

  • Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Sennheiser HD424
  • M-Audio Q40
  • Denon AH-D2000
  • Aedle VK-1
  • Beyerdynamic DTX-101iE
  • Monster Turbine Pro Gold
  • ADL EH-008
  • Koss Sportapro
  • Other odd vintage cans

As for the backstory behind these cans, I bought the AKG K7xx when I read the description for the drop for it on Massdrop.com touting these pair of cans to basically be a warmer, bassier AKG K702 Annie back around November. As I have already tried various AKG cans in the past and disliked many of them because of the lack of bass, the overly bright tilt and the oh-so-dreadful headband bumps that most of the mid-tier AKG cans seem to possess, I thought to myself that this would be just the ticket to satisfy my desires and jumped right onto the drop, to the displeasure of my wallet and the absolute joy of my ears.